About me


Hey there, I’m Jolene Bockmann. I have the privilege of living behind the little green door in Grand Island.  Hold up, don’t get excited about a lush beautiful island surrounded by white sand and crystal clear waters!  Grand Island, NEBRASKA! Nebraska being the key word here.  I am drowningImage-1 (12) in a sea of cornfields. Don’t panic my friends, I actually love it.  My little farm house is filled with my sweet farmer Steve, my super creative and beautiful teen daughter Emma, and my energetic 10 year old son Easton. This is exactly where I belong.  On this little farm we have a dog named Slick, a cat named Hemmie, a bunch of cows, and to many wild animals to mention. We grow corn, creativity & family (in that order if you ask adorable farmer Steve).

I believe every person deserves to live in a home that is a complete reflection of who they are & who they want to be. A safe place that they truly love. Little green door will inspire you to be fearless in your crusade against a lackluster abode.  So lets forge on making one space beautiful at a time.  Lets take a fresh look at design & diy, an original approach to making your home shine. Little green door will provide new ideas & a spin on old ones.

One more aspect to the Bockmann clan that you must know…we do not take ourselves too seriously.  We love to have fun and our home & lives reflect that.  I approach design the same way.

“Home is wherever my bunch of crazies are”

3Li 100%

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