Office Make over

      Office Makeover
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When I say the words…Tar Heels what comes to mind?  A heartbreaking loss in the NCAA National tournament? NO, but you are so close.  Office decor…what?…no that has to be a typo.

Oh it’s not!  Here it is in all it’s Tar Heal, blue glory.  And to think someone spent so much time perfecting this gem. (no offense to whoever that may be) (I applaud your dedication to your team) But for my client V, we must say goodbye to this ode to Tar Heels & hello to a chic new office space dedicated to the new challenge in her life. Climbing the Mary Kay ladder of success.

I always start a room with some sort of inspiration that is tailored to the client.  This one was effortless.  Mary Kay!  It has a very notable color combination.  A beautiful blush pink and black define the brand.  We’ve already come a long way from Tar Heels blue!  I liberated this room with a beautiful light grey (one of my favorite neutrals right now).  A foolproof back drop for pink & Black accents.  Oh yea & a sprinkle of sunshine…a little bit of gold to make anyone feel like a princess or Run DMC, whatever turns your crank!

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Can you hear this room singing already?  I can.  That’s a whole unrelated topic but I will tell you now that furniture,accessories, even paint colors & architecture speak to me.  No really…I hear voices…ok maybe we tackle that after my next appointment with my therapist but I do have a point.  Everything you put in a room needs to become friends.  See, I told you years of therapy.  But really, I meet so many people that want to shove so many random things in a room.  Which sometimes translates to clutter and becomes overwhelming.  The challenge is to get all of these things to play nice with each other.  Her is a list of v’s requirements for her office:

  • A display wall with space for almost 20 photos….say what??
  • Shelves for Mary Kay, books, and meaningful things
  • A large chalk board for goals
  • A large pin board for inspiration
  • Some personal quotes that we’re important to her
  • A few large hand made items and gifts from friends


Whoa, my head is spinning & my nervous tick is kicking in because the fact is this room is small, 10ft X 11ft.  And it still needs wall space for a door, a window, closet, and little fireplace.  Ok, Im starting to sweat…too much info…I know it’s my nature to over share.

In the coming weeks I will break down the puzzle peices of this room & give you tips on how to amp up your own personal style in whatever room you are working on. And hey, here’s a perk…a lot of this quorkie, fun, personality can be infused into your space for a “dime a dozen”, “a song”, for a modest, megar amount of dinero.  Ok, you get it…I’m thrifty but don’t tell everone I’ve designed my own little farmhouse on a dime!

Until next time.   “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”IMG_4726

P.S.  Talk to your home decor…what is it saying about you?

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