This is me….


This is me...well not literally of course but this defines who I am in a way.  Simple, I know.  A zebra with a pink mohawk.  This zebra used to blend in with all the others in a sea of black & white. That’s exactly what I’ve done.  Hiding under all those v-neck t-shirts, mom haircuts, and appropriate footwear. But, I’m getting back to celebrating the fun, the unexpected, the crazy in life.Even as I sit in the carpool line sporting nothing more glamorous than a pair of jammie pants. ( Shhh… from the waist up I look like a productive member of society.)  The point is embrace your pink mohawk. Wake up to a fearless approach when designing your own space.  Show your personality even if it breaks the “rules”.  Ok, don’t break out in a cold sweat.  If the thought of this induces trembling and pure and utter terror don’t falter my friend.  I can help you.  Here you can find eye candy to inspire your next project.  I have reinvented pieces of home decor for sale if you are looking for that one unique piece to take a room to the next level. I will also help you design your space from top to bottom if that is what you desire.  I offer many different levels of guidance when it comes to injecting life into your decor.  So hop on this roller coaster of design rule demolition & by the end of this ride your pink mohawk may be showing! Wink Wink!